Cloud Based Solutions

For a number of years people have been talking about The Cloud. “Cloud Services” can be a nebulous phrase without proper explanation and a primer on business applications. Simply – cloud architecture works the same as your local server. However, this “server” is hosted off site and on a much larger scale. Files, folders, programs, and various data are stored securely, remotely, and redundantly on a host. That host is accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection. Likewise there are plenty of business specific applications that could help streamline your workflow.

Storage Lockers


A lot of people have been working with cloud storage for years without knowing it. Services like Gmail and Google Drive® have been providing users with entry level hosted services and storage for over a decade.


  • Anywhere access to files
  • Store backups and beta files
  • Expandable and upgradable


The explosion of BYOD and collaborative projects has led to a revolution in collaborative computing. Employees can work on projects together, in real time, from anywhere. Boost that productivity with applications specific to your business.


  • BYOD Readiness
  • Office 365 integration

BYOD Devices
Cloud-based telephony system


Cloud hosted telephony has allowed for the reduction of expensive equipment and management costs. Hardware that used to take entire rooms now fits in the space of a desktop phone. Thanks to our partnership with RingCentral the engineers at First Service Carolina can outfit your business with a cutting edge phone network.


  • Answer calls anywhere
  • No expensive hardware
  • Innovative features

Your Partner in the Cloud

First Service Carolina was an early adopter of cloud technology. We understand the benefits of working in this infrastructure. We also understand the ways that it can help Triangle area businesses achieve more while spending less. From setting up a Hosted Exchange for your mail server, to a full-scale implementation of a PBX system our experienced engineers will find a solution that works for you.