Is Your Network Prepared for the Surge of Mobile Devices?

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With portable devices such as smart phones and tablets becoming increasingly popular, it is almost certain that there will be a surge of personal devices.  Chances are your employees will be bringing them along with them to and for work.  The unofficial term for this is “Bring Your Own Device” or “BYOD”.  BYOD can be both beneficial for the employees and employers alike.  BYOD has been linked to boosting productivity and morale in employees and saving employer’s money and resources.  On the other hand, personal mobile devices can introduce security threats to your network and blur the line between private employee data and company intellectual property.  Ensuring the security of your network and protecting your data is more important than ever.

Wireless devices can transmit malware and viruses through potential holes in unsecure networks.  Firewalls and content filters need to be in place and working properly to close any security threats and to ensure total security of workstations and servers.

Wireless networks are designed to support a specific number of devices.  If the device count is too high, the entire wireless network will begin to malfunction.  First Service is available to evaluate your network to confirm the optimal number of supported devices and to ensure your wireless network is prepared for BYOD.

BYOB can save companies money.  By allowing employees to use their own devices for work, employers save money by not having to invest in new hardware. Also they no longer have to absorb the cost of depreciating equipment. All the while the employees are happy to use their devices that are customized to their specific needs and desires.

First Service also provides support for all major mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets.  We can assist with issues ranging from Wi-Fi connectivity issues to mobile domain and VPN authentication.

Contact us today to see how First Service can help you get your company network ready for BYOD.