In House Versus Outsourced IT Support

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Once a business grows to a certain size, it is inevitable that IT issues will arise. Employees will find that they need help with the technology running the day-to-day operations of the organization. When that time comes, the business has two options. First, they can hire a dedicated individual to be the IT support specialist. Alternately, they can find an outsourced IT support firm to whom they can delegate this work.

Hiring the right person

Having an IT specialist in house definitely has some benefits. First the role is filled by an individual who is dedicated to a business’s technology the moment need arises. This is convenient when dealing with minor issues like paper jams, frozen computers and replacing depleted batteries. Problems are addressed immediately (as opposed to minutes/hours later) by the on-site staff member. A dedicated IT specialist might also have more incentive to find a cost effective solution to needs or problems.

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Why Outsourced IT Support?

Of course, hiring an IT manager has disadvantages when compared to outsourced IT support. First, for small businesses, keeping a dedicated IT support person on staff can be expensive. Then, finding the right individual for this role can be very difficult. When hiring someone to perform unknown tasks, how does one determine capability of candidates? For example, if someone is gifted when it comes hardware, does their competence extend to software? Also, individuals hired on to provide IT support may have difficulty staying up-to-date on the direction of the IT industry. They might not know how to plan and budget effectively in order to keep a business’s technology running smoothly.

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Outsourced IT Support can be an effective strategy for reducing IT expenditures. A local, reputable support team can usually solve issues in nearly the same timeframe as an in-house professional. In fact with managed services, a suite of software installed on computers, many outsourced IT support teams can prevent issues before they arise. This software allows the managed services provider (MSP) to monitor hardware and remotely address issues as they arise. Whenever managed services are deployed, IT problems are few and far between, and problems that arise are dealt with quickly. IT support firms have a team of technicians on staff, with each team member well versed in an area or skill set. This means that your business will be able to receive an expert opinion on any and all issues that may arise regarding the technology it uses.

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Know what to look for

When looking at the facts it’s hard to argue against hiring locally outsourced IT support. Generally the outsourced IT support model is a less expensive and more effective solution than hiring an in-house support team. However, remember that selecting an IT support team is much more effective if that team can come to you for on-site support. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is great, but there are times when a site visit is necessary to resolve issues. It is also important to ensure that the company you hire has a team of technicians on staff as opposed to contracting work out. Companies like First Service Carolina are the best way to ensure your business has a well-equipped and competent IT team.