The Process

First Service understands that every business is different. If we had tried to treat every client the same for the last 27 years we would probably be out of business with a litany of unsatisfied customers. To do what’s best for our customers we follow a multi-step process that allows us to tailor our IT solutions. As we move along in the process we keep you up to date with what’s going on, and invite your feedback as to what your business needs. The process itself might be simple, but we understand the complexities your business faces. Whether you’re worried about security, compliance, or network speed; First Service has you covered.

  • Phone or Email Dialogue

    First we get in contact with you to find out the needs of you and your business.

  • On-Site Consultation

    Then we review your space to see what options best fit your business.

  • Written Proposal

    Our sales team prepares an itemized list of equipment and an estimate of cost and labor.

  • On-Site Meeting

    Next we reconvene to discuss our build process and answer any lingering questions you may have.

  • Implementation

    We build and test the solutions that we have mutual agreed upon with your business.

  • Quality Review

    Lastly we assess the quality of our work, and address any issues that you may have for the solutions provided.

We Stand By Our Work

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We’ve been in business for nearly thirty years for a reason; we’re good at what we do. Without feedback, both positive and critical, we know that it is impossible for First Service to grow. That’s where we need your help! Reviews on social media allow us to understand what we’ve done well and where we can improve in the future. Take a few minutes and fill out a review or connect with us on any of the social media links on this page.